About AAPT

About Play Therapy Association

We are AAPT: The Alabama Association for Play Therapy, a 501(c)(3) organization.

Mission Statement

AAPT is dedicated to the advancement of psychosocial development and mental health of the citizens of Alabama through play and play therapy.

Our Goals

  • Promote the understanding and value of play and play therapy
  • Encourage the effective practice of play therapy through training, research, and support
  • Recognize, incorporate and preserve diversity in play therapy
  • Develop and maintain a strong professional organization to accomplish these objectives
About Alabama Association for Play Therapy
Kim Brindley, Dr. Garry Landreth,               and Terry Bowen



The Alabama Association for Play Therapy, Inc. (AAPT) is the only state branch affiliated with the Association for Play Therapy, Inc in Alabama. The Association is a separate entity from APT, but holds the same purpose.

The Association is a nonprofit and nonpartisan Alabama Business League that conducts all its affairs in conformance with local, state and federal laws that apply to an organization in accordance with section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Service code.

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