Play Therapy Week 2021

National Play Therapy Week 2021 is quickly approaching! This year, the Association for Play Therapy has designated February 7th thru 13th as National Play Therapy Week. In response, your AAPT board has decided to sponsor three “Meet and Greet” sessions to celebrate this week dedicated to play therapists and the power of play.

These sessions will be held via Zoom so that everyone can attend safely!  Links to these meetings will be sent out via AAPT newsletter. So, check your in-boxes.

  • Meeting #1 Monday, February 8th at 9am 
  • Meeting #2 Wednesday, February 10th at 12noon  
  • Meeting #3 Friday, February 12th at 6pm 

During these meetings, you will be able to meet some of your AAPT board members and network! You will also discuss some of the requirements for becoming a Registered Play Therapist and learn how to find a supervisor. Suggestions for upcoming workshop topics and presenters will be also be polled.

Lastly- everyone who logs on and participates in a session will be entered to win a play therapy item that can be used in your practice OR a discount on an upcoming workshop!!!

So, don’t wait! Put one of these dates and times on your calendar and set an alarm – you don’t want to miss out!