Celeste Neil - President of Alabama Association for Play Therapy

Dr. Celeste C. Neil, AAPT President

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Celeste Neil - President of Alabama Association for Play Therapy
Celeste Neil

My name is Celeste Neil.

I am the current President of the Alabama Association for Play Therapy.

As an educator with 30+ years’ experience, play therapy has brought much joy and enhanced effectiveness in my practice with children, adolescents, families, and supervision.

Play therapy adds variety and excitement to interventions and has compelling research to affirm its therapeutic efficacy.

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More Fun Ahead!

We are in the process of expanding our website as part of our continued efforts to promote the understanding and value of play therapy in new and different ways.

Examples of new online resources, future plans and upcoming events include:

  • Links to chapters in neighboring states to broaden your understanding of the benefits of play therapy, encourage networking, and offer possible professional development opportunities
  • Links to additional YouTube videos of Andrew and Andrés, as well as the 2014-2015 APT Year in Review to promote an understanding of play therapy
  • Information about the new APT January 2016 certification as a SB-RPT or School Based-Registered Play Therapist through links and ALCA resources
  • Detailed lists about the benefits of becoming an APT Registered Play Therapist
  • Intentional efforts to expand our membership of other health professionals such as pediatric nurses, social workers, and school counselors
  • More informative newsletters through our new AAPT Publication chair, Dr. James Jackson
  • Regional workshops and networking throughout the state to spread our message and share our passion for play
  • Expanded outreach activities to colleges and universities throughout Alabama to introduce the benefits of play therapy to developing professionals and explain free student APT e-membership
  • Collaboration with our members to maintain our chapter’s Gold Branch Award recognition

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Come Play With Us!

The Alabama Association for Play Therapy (AAPT) is brimming with talented and enthusiastic therapists.

Be sure to visit our link of certified therapists and supervisors in Alabama. (opens new window on APT National website)

I am privileged to collaborate with the current AAPT board and build on the vision, creativity, and dedication of our previous leaders and members.

For updates and reminders of AAPT’s continuing education opportunities, be sure to:

We welcome your interest, ideas, and feedback to better meet your needs as a therapist or supervisor and positively impact your work with children, adolescents, and families.

I joyfully invite you to “Come Play With Us!” and discover a new dimension in your therapy through play.


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Celeste C. Neil, PhD, LPC-S, NCC, NCSC, ACS, Registered Play Therapist